The Challenge

Before engaging with Fat Earth, Brew Tea relied heavily on brick and mortar sales to acquire new customers. Looking to diversify their sales channels, Brew Tea wanted to launch their first consolidated effort at driving meaningful online sales. The challenge was to encapsulate a brand’s soul and identity through Facebook advertising in a way that meaningfully elevates it beyond their commoditized competition. How can we show that Brew Tea is not just a cup of tea?

  • Ad Campaign Manager
  • Creative Collaboration
  • Growth Strategy
  • Email Marketing

Our Approach

Expert Audience Targeting

We use expert level audience targeting, a crucial element when considering the relatively smaller size of the UK market.

Event-Driven Copy Writing

We use event-driven, contextual copy to create compelling and relevant content. In addition to continuous iteration to find evergreen copy winners, we constantly launch ad copy that speaks directly to current events and the seasonality of tea drinkers.

Retention // Email Marketing

We’ve leaned heavily into Brew Tea’s amazing branding and design to launch beautiful designed and highly-effective email marketing campaigns to significantly increase retention and lifetime value.

The Results

We took a passive online sales channel and increased revenue by over 200% within a year. Through consistent testing and expert facebook ad execution, we acquired over 6,000 new customers for Brew Tea in just 10 months all while maintaining a 2.33X ROAS!

  • 6000+


  • 205%

    YOY increase
    in online revenue

  • 2.33X


Solution Summary

By allowing Brew Tea’s amazing brand voice to shine through our advertising, we have been able to acquire a consistent source of new, high LTV customers. In just four quarters, we have increased the number of new monthly customers by 195%. Partnered with a robust Klaviyo email marketing system, we’re working hard to continue increasing the customer LTV of these new customers.

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