The Problem

Successfully launching a D2C cereal brand in an over-crowded market with high consumer loyalty was no easy feat. We relied on exceptional creative, perfectly crafted messaging, and deep audience research to pull off one of the most meteoric D2C launches in recent memory.

  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Creative Collaboration
  • Growth Strategy
  • Landing Page Testing

Our Approach

Audience Development and Segmentation

We conducted in-depth audience research to correctly identify Magic Spoon’s key buyer. These highly-accurate personas were combined with the perfect Facebook Audience Targets.

Creative Collaboration and Testing

Working closely with Growthbuster, we provided a feedback loop for creative iteration and increased asset testing speed. Key creatives and ideas were identified and optimized efficiently.


A highly intentional scaling strategy allowed us to continue to acquire customers without sacrificing CPA or ROAS, once the key target audiences had been identified.

The Results

Magic Spoon is now one of the most recognizable and fastest-growing D2C brands in the country. Our launch acquired over 15,000 new customers on Facebook alone with a blended ROAS over 3X! Our continued scaling success drove month over month revenue growth and has positioned Magic Spoon as one of the strongest players in the D2C food space.

  • 13k

    New customers

  • +3X


  • 2.95%


Solution Summary

Through thorough audience analysis, creative testing, poignant copywriting, and a mastery of Facebook ads management, we were able to launch and scale Magic Spoon into a sustainable and successful D2C cereal brand.

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