The Problem

Can you sell a donation as effectively as a physical ecommerce product through Facebook ads? As with most nonprofits, VETPAW’s relentless focus on their mission meant little time for marketing, and lots of untapped donation value potential. When we first approached VETPAW, they had no eComm best practices in place, not even a Facebook pixel. We knew that bringing our D2C expertise to this amazing organization could add up to some stellar results.

  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Outsourced CMO
  • Website Development
  • Tech Strategy

Our Approach

Powerful Creatives

We ideated and produced powerful video content that perfectly meshed direct response advertisements with the careful consideration of VETPAW’s mission. After all, a donate button is more reverent than a physical product, and maybe even more lucrative.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We implemented advanced donation platform systems and conducted a full website rebuild to take advantage of the new traffic source.

Email Marketing and Retention

Through email marketing best practices, we were able to turn our newly acquired donors into the most profitable giving Tuesday campaign in VETPAW’s history.

The Results

Since launching ads, we’ve increased the number of active donors by 100% and the total year-to-date number of donors by 139%! By carefully weaving the best-practices we’ve perfected in the ecommerce world, we were able to craft messaging and strategy around VETPAW’s mission. Not only have we been able to educate the public on the issues at hand, we have been able to acquire new donors and monetize VETPAW’s social media following through Facebook ads.

  • 139%

    Increase in
    New Donors

  • +2X


Solution Summary

By leveraging our expertise from the cutthroat world of eCommerce world, we were able to drive substantial growth of VETPAW’s mission and donor base.

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